Air plants: an introduction

Plants… without soil?! Yep. I’m not crazy. You read that right. Good evening everyone! I’ve wanted to write this post for ages. These weird soil-less plants are super cool. I want to share my collection with you, and give you some tips – so you can start your own air plant journey with ease. First…… Continue reading Air plants: an introduction

Repotting my peanut cactus

What a busy week I’ve had. Early last week I decided to start selling some of my succulent babies using Facebook Marketplace. I’d seen people list their cuttings and propagation successes for sale before and had always been curious about it. I wondered how many people would message me with some sort of interest. Turns…… Continue reading Repotting my peanut cactus

Foliage Friday – pink plants for your Valentine

Hey guys! Welcome to another Foliage Friday. Because it’s Valentine’s Day, I thought it’d be a cute idea to show you some of my pink plants. Roses are everywhere today so we can skip talking about those. This is the perfect excuse for a pink plant post. I hope you’ve all been enjoying this lovey-dovey…… Continue reading Foliage Friday – pink plants for your Valentine

Six on Saturday 08-02-2020

Another late post for Six on Saturday this week, but at least I didn’t miss it! As always, thanks to The Propagator for starting #SOS. Head to his blog if you want to learn more or join in on the fun. 1. New growth Crassula capitella ‘Campfire’ Progress on Propagation Station 2020. This Crassula got leggy.…… Continue reading Six on Saturday 08-02-2020

A succulent update (succulupdate?)

A post full of photos this evening. Updates from around the garden – Little Missy’s tiny flowers and a succulent bed growth comparison. First off, the succulent bed. I’m pretty thrilled with how this has turned out, even if it’s still only half done. (The unfinished half isn’t pictured, for obvious reasons). In July last…… Continue reading A succulent update (succulupdate?)

Foliage Friday (air plant edition) – Tillandsia 'aeranthos'

Welcome to #FoliageFriday! It’s a big thing on GardenTags, a plant-based social platform that I’ve been avidly using for the past few years (if you haven’t made an account yet please do! The community is great and so helpful). Anyway, I thought I’d try to make it a thing here. Flowers get lots of attention…… Continue reading Foliage Friday (air plant edition) – Tillandsia 'aeranthos'

A watched flower never blooms

A watched kettle never boils, I’m pretty certain watched grass never grows, and I’m positive that a watched flower never blooms. One important thing gardening has taught me is patience. It seems like I’ve been extra patient with this lot of flowers though, and it’s starting to bug me. I’ve been checking every morning and…… Continue reading A watched flower never blooms