Six on Saturday 18-01-2020 (on Sunday!)

I started this Six on Saturday yesterday, but a mediocre mindset mixed with a giant headache made me have to give up typing and go to bed early. So here’s my #SOS for this week – just a little late. A big shoutout to The Propagator for starting this trend that always seems to pull me out of a rut. I love reading everyone’s posts each Saturday. It’s quickly becoming the highlight of my week.

1. Mary-Kate and Ashley Opalina

Graptoveria ‘Opalina’.

My Opal twins! They’re so pretty. They came from Big W squished up together in a tiny pot and were difficult to seperate. Just like twins. Hence the nickname I’ve given them. But since being torn apart they’ve grown spectacularly; they’re bigger than my hand and have put out more flower stalks than I can count over the past year. I love the purpley-silver tinge that the plants in the Graptopetalum genus have. Graptoveria is a hybrid of the Graptopetalum and Echeveria genera. I’ll do a separate post on the Grapto-hybrids one day because I have a few and they’re all extremely photogenic.

2. My kind of Saturday shots

Senecio radicans (String of Bananas).

I’m not a big drinker, so these shot glasses are much better off being used for plant propagation rather than sitting in the cupboard collecting dust until next New Years Eve. This photo is after 7 days in water. The roots started growing after just 24 hours and I was very surprised. I haven’t done much water propagation but I keep seeing it everywhere online. It’s fun to be able to see the roots grow instead of them burying themselves straight into the soil. I’ve propagated this plant plenty of times in soil, so I’m eager to compare the differences and see which process is more effective.

3. A housewarming present from a horticulturist

This pot of pretty succulents is extra special to me because it was a housewarming gift from one of my best friends. We’ve been friends for well over a decade and know eachother almost back-to-front. She’s studying horticulture and I couldn’t be more proud of her or excited for her future in the industry that we both love so much. She’s the one that first got me into collecting succulents and I can’t thank her enough.

The names of each of these plants has escaped me and I never took note of them (if you know any, please comment below)! I know succulents aren’t really indoor plants, but I keep it in my kitchen because it gives me a nice feeling when I see it first thing each morning. Some of the plants are a little elongated from lack of sun sometimes but aside from that, they’re growing well and I’m pretty certain they’ll survive inside.

4. Little Missy’s teeny tiny flowers

Crassula ‘petite bicolor’ (Little Missy).

Well, they haven’t bloomed yet… but they’re already the tiniest flowers I’ve ever seen! Look at the size of those buds. That’s my pinky finger for comparison. And they’re hot pink – my favourite flower colour. I’m going to be checking daily for the first blooms. Exciting week ahead.

5. More flowers… open ones this time!

Echeveria ‘Minima’.

So many succulents flowering this season! It’s thrilling to see for a plant nerd like myself. This one has 8 flower stalks at the moment. It’s put out a lot of pups, too. It’s such a cute, teeny Echeveria. I’ve planted it in the ground, but whenever I happen to move house next, it’s definitely being dug up and brought along for the trip. I could’t part with this little one.

6. Free and in need of TLC

A handmade planter – in need of some TLC.

My Nan’s neighbour gave her two of these – so guess who got one?! I’m so excited about it. Dad dropped it off yesterday. Sometime this week or next I’m going to get my friend Meg over (mentioned in #3) to help me paint and plant it. I’ll make sure to post any updates – this is the before picture. Decorating the sides with paintings of leaves and ladybugs is my idea at the moment, but we’ll see what works well. I’m not artsy at all so I’ll leave that part up to Meg. 12 new pots! And just as I was sulking about not having any. Now I have to go plant shopping, I guess… 😉

Well, that’s it for my Six on Saturday this Sunday! Oops. Better late than never, though. I’m just glad my headache and mediocre mindset is gone. Now for the start of a new week. Hopefully it’s a good one for you all.

Thanks for reading and happy growing! 🌱

8 thoughts on “Six on Saturday 18-01-2020 (on Sunday!)

  1. I’ll be very excited to see Little Missy open. #3, especially keeping it inside because it was a gift from your bestie, reminded me of a plant I have because of my son. Many other SoSers’ve mentioned the provenance of plants, some going back generations or attached to special moment. Of course we have photos & books & knickknacks & jewellery that serve the same purpose, plants add an extra dimension to that connection because they continue to live, they propagate, & unfortunately, sometimes they die. For me, plants have an extra oomph when they remind me of someone I love.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ll be sure to post pictures of Little Missy when they start to open up! I’m excited too. Wow – I feel the exact same. I love receiving and giving plants. It’s much more special. Thanks for reading, and for the lovely comment.


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