Six on Saturday 06-04-2019

Welcome to my first SOS! I’m excited to share my day in the garden with you all. I’ll try to do at least one SOS a month, but hopefully I can keep up with weekly posts. For more information about Six on Saturday, follow cavershamjj and give this post a read. I love the idea.

1. Time for tulips

Today I bought and planted my first ever bulbs. Tulips! I was tossing up between those and daffodils, which I might still try out. I only did a quick bit of Googling before deciding I’d just wing it. I was too excited.

I used a terracotta pot and planted them about 10cm deep, just like the packaging said. There’s only three so I’m hoping I get some nice colours, although I’m not too picky and usually think every flowers colour is nice in its own way.

I’m not sure if I should’ve used pebbles to mulch the top of the pot or not, but, it looks much nicer while it sits and waits for spring. I can always take them off or push them out the way to help them come along when they decide to show. Feel free to leave a comment with any advice on tulips or other bulbs. I think I need it!

2. Flowering Groot

I have three Groot’s in my garden. They’re all so sweet, but this one is extra special at the moment because his Crassula Tom Thumb hair is flowering. The flowers are so tiny and delicate.

3. Leaf propagation success

Yay! Finally a successful leaf prop. Echeveria Topsy Turvy. I scored the large-ish mother plant from the clearance rack at Bunnings a month or so ago and pulled some leaves off to try my luck. This is the only one that didn’t just shrivel up and die! I’m still learning about propagating. I think I need to let the leaves sit for longer to callus over properly before watering.

4. Peas ready for potting

My homegrown sugar snap peas were so delicious last year I had to plant them again this year. And more! I doubled the amount of seeds sowed this time. I better pot them up into their new home soon, but I need to get a trellis first (last years was too short). Look, they’re clinging onto each other for dear life. Poor things. “Give us a trellis!!” I can hear them yelling at me.

5. My first eggplant

Do I even like eggplant? Who knows. I don’t think I’ve ever really tried it. At least now I have an excuse to! I bought this as a seedling purely out of curiosity. “I wonder how an eggplant grows?” Turns out it’s similar to a capsicum. Well, now I know. I could’ve just Googled it I guess…

6. Stock – one happy, one… not so much

My 3-year-old nephew wanted some flowers to look after when he comes to visit, so off I went and picked the prettiest purple flowers I could find. Stock and lobelia. The lobelia is planted in front of the stock and is looking incredible. The stock went into shock after transplanting but has bounced back nicely. Well, one has. One is still getting there. It’s a bit sad looking, especially compared to his blooming twin. My nephew doesn’t mind though (because he’s forgotten about them already). 😅

Thanks for reading my first Six on Saturday! Please comment with any advice you might have on tulips, bulbs or leaf propagation. Now I’m gonna spend my night reading everyone else’s SOS posts.

Happy growing! 🌱

8 thoughts on “Six on Saturday 06-04-2019

  1. I have a picture of the glasshouse in Adelaide Botanic garden on the loop of backgrounds on my computer. Lots of cacti and succulents in the ground outside. Then not far away one of the best rose gardens I’ve seen anywhere. No way I’m offering advice on growing in your climate, I have enough trouble growing in mine. Good to have another Aussie aboard, look forward to your posts.

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    1. Thanks for reading! I love the Adelaide Botanic Garden but haven’t visited in a few years – I might pop down now that I have a bit more knowledge about/interest in plants.


  2. Welcome to SOS, hope you enjoy being part of the happy family 🙂
    I usually grow at least 10 tulip bulbs in a pot as the more you have the better they look and I cover the tops of pots with smaller bulbs like iris reticulata which flower earlier, or spring flowering flowers or quite small gravel. Good luck with them!

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    1. Thank you! I’m thrilled to be a part of it. Wow! That sounds beautiful. The pot I used is quite small so I’m hoping the three I squished in give a big enough impact – also hoping they have enough room to grow! Haha. I guess we’ll see once spring rolls around. Thank you for reading, and for your advice! Much appreciated.

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  3. Lovely to read your post Abbey. Your approach is perfect – give things a try and see what works. That’s the best way to learn I think. With the stock – once you see seeds developing, like the one on the right, then snip off the flower and see if new flowers will come. I’m not an expert with stocks but in general, any flower that sets seed has fulfilled its destiny, so has no incentive to flower again.

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  4. Hiya, nice first six, your enthusiasm is clear! You’ll love the tulips, although I predict 3 will leave you wanting more. Youll probably find a wholesale supplier that will ship in qty relatively cheaper. Here in the UK I used JParker where 25 bulbs was about 5 quid. I went nuts….

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    1. Thank you! Haha, I think it will leave me wanting more too. I might have to have a look online at some bulbs. Hopefully I don’t go too crazy 🤣 although, knowing me…


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